[SERVER] Changing service provider.

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[SERVER] Changing service provider.

Post by EztebanD on Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:01 pm

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Hello parceros, as they are?...
The reason for this post is for one simple reason, OUR SERVER, as you know we had an own server, since it is indispensable if we are to look favorably upon our clan, so from the beginning was of such importance.
Therefore we saw the need to purchase one when the start of server, to start with all, for it stayed in the service Hostrueno offers.

At first everything seemed perfect, great price, great host, good server ... so we said, Why not? Let's do it !!
We acquired the service and when starting everything looked perfect, stability and other characteristics. We were very excited about the progress of the server, for as was every day. The more the acojiamos us.

But like everything in life, we begin to have problems, the website on which the panel is to manage the activity of the server, it looked subjected to multiple falls, so we must suspend the activity of construction of the server, a few days later was reinstated so we continued.

But, OH SURPRISE, was he returned to fall !! ¬¬

No other choice, contemplate the option of hiring another service because it seems disrespectful such inconsistency.

So today I come to you presenting them with our new provider: VORTEX SERVER. cheers cheers Very Happy Very Happy

To this day, the best provider of servers for online games, we expect our satisfaction with servicion either maxima.

So they can enter our server, I leave the IP:

ENJOY!!! Cool Cool
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